You win this round, Amazon

I suffer from a strange phenomenon known as FOMO (fear of missing out). I hear it's fairly common, so maybe you suffer from it too.

My latest flare-up happened two days ago when all of the people on Planet Earth started ordering Instant Pot pressure cookers on Amazon Prime Day. If everyone else needed one, then surely I'd be needing one too. And besides, at just $89 for the 8-quart model, it was a bargain. Look at all of the money I saved by buying it!

If you know me in real life, you know the irony of this purchase and are probably laughing hysterically by now. If you don't know me in real life, then I should probably tell you something about myself before we go any further:

I don't cook. Ever. In our house, my better half is the resident chef so that I can go to the gym after work. I mean, I have some pretty good baking skills, but I haven't even used those or my poor Kitchen Aid stand mixer since probably Christmas. If my husband isn't cooking our dinner, a restaurant is. That's about the only perk of city(ish) living.

I digress, but as you can see, I clearly needed another kitchen gadget.

Looking on the bright side, I don't much care for boil-in-bag rice and the Instant Pot has a rice button.

All of Jenn's friends are getting an Instant Pot. ✔

The Instant Pot has a rice button. ✔

Jenn buys an Instant Pot. ✔

My logic abilities are sometimes astounding -- and not necessarily in a good way. But, wait. They actually managed to get worse here.

As wisdom would have it, I decided it would be best to have the Instant Pot shipped to the Amazon store on the campus where I work so that I could hike over to pick it up and hike back carrying it, then hike it to my car at the end of the day -- rather than allowing Amazon to conveniently deliver it to my house.

Were you aware that the Instant Pot comes in an awkwardly sized cubic package that weighs exactly 22 lbs.?

Guess it's a good thing I gave up cooking to spend my evenings at the gym.

You win this round, Amazon.

Just 22 lbs. of awkward hiking cargo.

Humor me here, friends: What kinds of deals and steals did you rock on Prime Day?

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