In a thousand lifetimes, yes

"Therefore what God has joined together, man must not separate." Mark 10:9


They say it's bad luck for the bride and groom to see each other before the ceremony on their wedding day. Well, I don't know who "they" are and I've never believed that luck had much to do
with marriage anyway.

I'll never forget the moment you walked into that empty church sanctuary for our first look. You were so handsome in your perfectly pressed tuxedo. For a moment, you and I were the only two people in the world and I'm certain time stood still.

In that silent sanctuary, your presence said more to me than words ever could. The past no longer mattered and you were there because you chose me, scars and all. I remember the butterflies in my stomach like it was yesterday. I remember feeling my face get hot and the lump forming in my throat. I remember the tears of joy starting to fall. I knew I was safe with you.

It's hard to believe that was seven years ago.

What a seven years it's been. We've seen so many things in that time. We're not the same people we were that day. We've grown up. We've gained a little wisdom. We've built a life. Triumphs and tragedies have changed us. Our hair is a little more grey. Our wrinkles are a bit deeper.

You still have buff arms and those charming little dimples. I still have a booty that rivals a Kardashian. Some things never change.

The years haven't all been easy. I know you remember year five. It was a test, but I'm proud that we gutted it out. Here we are at seven, stronger than ever.

We've seen some amazing places. Remember Tulum? That was one of my favorites. Or how about Punta Cana? Those beaches! The Christmastime boat parade in the marina at Key West was definitely a highlight. Oh, and I can't possibly leave out the hike to that mountain restaurant in Costa Rica where we saw Babe the Pig's severed head sitting on a garage table while they butchered the rest of him. I definitely ordered the chicken that day.

We've roadtripped a lot just to eat some fantastic meals. Those Indiana Beach tacos will probably always top my list. Giordano's and Weber Grill aren't far behind, though.

We've seen two nieces and two nephews enter this world. Could you have imagined that such tiny little people could capture our hearts like that? I know I had no idea.

We've been through some stuff too. You've had to wash my hair in a bucket and help me to the bathroom after a double knee surgery. We've cried together from thousands of miles apart when you lost your hero and I was on another continent. You've had to hold me while I sobbed so hard I thought I'd never catch my breath after the doctor told us we wouldn't be meeting our baby on this Earth.

It's been a winding road.

But in a thousand lifetimes, I'd still say yes to the handsome man holding that gorgeous ring tied to that single white rose. In a thousand lifetimes, I'd stand in that empty sanctuary with you. In a thousand lifetimes, I'd walk down that aisle and take your hand. In a thousand lifetimes, I'd walk this winding road by your side.

God knew what He was doing when He brought us together and He knows what He's doing now in our hearts and in our marriage -- on the mountains and in the valleys.

Thanks for choosing me. I choose you too. Then, now and forever.

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